Accessibility statement

Delta Israel Brands Ltd. values the equal rights of customers with physical, sensual and cognitive disabilities. Everybody is entitled to full access to our services, properties and information, and to that end we enthusiastically continue to act and promote accessibility issues.

The website has been made accessible under Israel Standard 5568, with advice by an accessibility certifier qualified by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. This Israeli standard equals AA grade pursuant to “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 of the World Wide Web Consortium.

We wish to provide each and every customer, whether able-bodied or disabled, equal and accessible service. Nevertheless, despite our genuine efforts to make all pages on our website accessible, there may be specific parts which are not accessible. If such parts are identified, please contact our accessibility coordinator (see contact details below).

We continuously work to improve the website’s accessibility, true to our intention and commitment to offer efficient and smooth use of our website to all users, including persons with disabilities.

On issues related to the accessibility of our stores and website, please contact our accessibility coordinator:

Tal Atlan

[email protected]


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