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Social responsibility

As a company which produces thousands of fashion photos every year, we understand our responsibility. Therefore, since 2020 we have led an agenda for the representation and visibility of women and men with special needs in the public space.

In fashion and campaign shoots, we integrate people with special needs, who model the brand’s collections together with models without special needs.

The integration of people with special needs is a natural part of fashion thinking, creativity and looks, and is an obvious step for us and our customers.

In order to implement this outlook, we have a comprehensive, long-term collaboration with Krembo Wings, a youth movement for youth with and without special needs.

The collaboration with Krembo Wings includes the integration of youth with special needs, who are members of Krembo Wings, into Delta’s fashion shoots, the sale in Delta’s stores of products whose revenues are used to open new Krembo Wings branches, and additional donation to open more new branches and the expand the movement’s national operations.

All of Delta’s employees, in both its stores and HQ, have undergone training on the subject and are an integral part of the endeavor.

In 2021, Delta won the 1st place in “The diversity competition in marketing and advertising” held by “Maala” organization, the Israeli Marketing Association and the Association of Advertising Companies in Israel in cooperation with the President of the state of Israel.

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