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“Delta Israel Brands” is an Israeli company specializing in the design, development, marketing, and sale of a variety of underwear items, pajamas, home, and leisure clothing.

The company’s products are distributed under three main brands: Delta, Fix and Panta Rei.

The company is also the representative of the following brands in Israel: VICTORIA’S SECRET and Bath & Body Works.

The company offers a unique shopping experience for the whole family in more than 200 stores throughout the country and on 5 websites online.

The company’s products are further sold at approximately 1,400 additional points of sale in various retail chains and private stores, to which the company distributes the goods wholesale, and in the form of private tailor-made brands for specific customers.

The company has full control over the entire value chain, which enables fast and strong growth in a short time frame with a quick response to changes in the market.

As part of pertaining to the international “Delta Galil” corporation, the company has full access to a variety of cutting-edge patents and technologies, which are integrated into its various products.

The company has an advanced logistics center that supports all the company’s distribution channels, where goods are received and collected and from where tens of millions of items are shipped each year. Delta Israel is currently establishing an automated robotic logistics center that is expected to start operating in 2025, which will include inventory management, supplies to all the company’s distribution channels and the management of online orders, through an automatic, speedy, and accurate platform.

The company maintains long-term collaborations with a variety of international brands, such as DISNEY Global, which further enable it to expand its range of products and value proposition to its various customers


Delta Israel Brands

Delta Galil, the parent company of Delta Israel Brands, launched in 1975 and made an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1982. The Company was founded by the industrialist and businessman Dov Lautman. In 2007, after a reorganization, it was purchased from Lautman by businessman Isaac Dabah, who currently serves as the CEO of Delta Galil and Chairman of Delta Israel Brands. Over the years, Delta Galil significantly expanded its global operations, while concurrently expanding its operations in Israel. In view of the success of the Israeli operations, in September 2020 Delta Galil decided to split its operations in Israel into a separate company, Delta Israel Brands, which made an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in February 2021. The Company currently employs 885 employees.

delta israel management

anat bogner

ceo of delta israel


yaniv benedek


hanoch mahabad

vp of sales

rotem nachmany

vp ecom

Sivan Eppstein - Almagor

VP Commerce

pavel mermerstin

vp of wholesale

Keren Algrabli

VP Merchandise and Planning

max litbak

vp of marketing

eran gilboa

vp of logistics

avishay haliva

vp information systems

liraz lefkovits-dank

vp human resources

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