Delta Israel Brands

Delta Israel Brands is an Israeli company specializing in the design, development and sale of a range of underwear, pajamas, activewear and loungewear. The products are marketed under two main brands: “Delta” and “FIX”.

The Company offers a unique shopping experience for the whole family, with a variety of primarily multi-season products for women, men, children and babies.

The Company’s values: comfort, quality and innovation

Our Numbers

202 + 2 Online

stores around the country

About 1,400

wholesale sales points


sqm. of retail space

Over a Million

club members

(as of - 2020)


NIS million in sales

(as of - 30.06.21)


NIS million gross profit

(As of 30.06.21)

Our brands

A youthful, trendy and innovative brand of underwear, pajamas and loungewear. The brand caters to a target audience of young women who have a strong presence on social media. The brand’s products are sold in 31 stores in the largest premier malls, and on an innovative and growing website. The main values of the brand: trendy, international, breaking boundaries.

The leading underwear, pajamas, activewear and loungewear brand in Israel. Delta offers a wide range of products for women, men, children and babies, which are sold in 171 stores nationwide and on a modern website. The brand has an active and growing customer club with around a million members, The main values of the brand: comfort, quality and innovation.

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